Four Factions. One Destiny.

Punished, forsaken and left for dead by the very hand that created them, four races must come together and unite against the grim horrors of a world set on fire.

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About the Project

Unity is an Indie Tabletop RPG currently in development. The unique setting blends epic fantasy with a flavourful dose of arcane-infused technology. Unity focuses on telling spectacular stories while emphasizing teamwork with a combat engine that allows players to combine their powers and develop interesting synergies for a deep and fulfilling tactical experience.

Explore the forgotten remnants of a once Golden Age when mortals rose to challenge gods. Rediscover long forgotten ancient technologies that blur the lines between reality and wonder. Stride atop colossal mechanized machines of war from a bygone era. Embrace the discovery of new and exciting cultures in a scarred landscape full of secrets and hidden beauty. 
In a world that teeters on the brink of apocalypse, become the dim light of hope that shines among a sea of darkness or take advantage of the chaos in the world and make your own mark. Whatever flavour of adventure you choose, you will have to work together to achieve it.   

For insight into the type of game Unity strives to be, check out our DESIGN section.
Want a deeper look into the setting and see a sample of the horrors you'll face? Check out our PREVIEW section.  

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The Kickstarter for Unity has been successfully funded. We tripled our original funding goal and then some - thank you backers for making it happen!

What is the end product?

Unity will be a 330+ page Hardcover Full Colour RPG Core Rulebook with everything you need to play as either the GM or the player. 


Team Oriented Tactical Combat

Combat system designed to facilitate teamwork and the development of synergistic combos between party members. Initiative has been streamlined. No individual turns. No more counting squares. Less tedium, more fighting. 

2d10 resolution

Roll 2D10 with modifiers to achieve your goals. A simple roll versus a target number across all activities in and outside of combat to determine success.
  Examples are leaping across a chasm, stealing some pie or skewering a marauder. 

Class Fantasy

 Evocative class design paired with freeform character creation allow you to embrace your own unique vision of the character you want to play. Each power and class feature is designed to exemplify the flavour and fantasy of that class while providing compelling tactical and creative choices. 

Diceless GM-ing

GM dice rolling is not required. You can if you want, but the rules are designed to let you simply focus on narrating, adjudicating and creating spectacular situations for your players.  

Gridless Combat

Unity has been designed from the ground up to not require a map grid or miniatures. However, these props can still be used and can enhance your feeling of immersion in the world of Unity. 

fail forward

Even when failing a roll there are rules that facilitate either moving the narrative forward in an interesting way or providing the option to move combat along.
A miss doesn’t have to mean that nothing happens.


brief setting introduction

playable races





sample classes & enemies





design philosophy

At its core Unity has always been about telling great stories while having a solid mechanical foundation to satisfy a certain gaming itch.

The storyteller inside of me loved RPGs that encouraged sweeping and cinematic scene painting, while the gamer inside of me also enjoyed the tactical aspects of combat along with the excitement and anticipation of building a mighty yet flavourful character.

In Unity, characters are not constrained by a mess of rules when they tempt fate with an outrageous or heroic action. In our adventures, it is the ludicrous and impossible moments that we remember and cherish.  At the same time, the rules aren’t so lite that character progress becomes nebulous or combat is reduced to a fanciful conversation of improvised sword strokes and footwork. Let’s have some mechanical heft and defined evocative powers to play with as well!   

It is my hope that there are others out there who are looking for a similar blend of streamlined narrative mechanics that promote telling spectacular stories and embracing the impossible, while still having a robust mechanical framework for fantastic character building and deep tactical battles.

Unity’s system encourages strategic teamplay through the development of synergistic powers and a combat engine that facilitates the execution of these tactics. Simultaneous resolution, diceless GMing and the dissolution of individual turn orders combine to increase player engagement and speed of play.

My final guiding philosophy in developing Unity is to not just create a "game". Whenever I pick up a tabletop RPG rulebook, I become excited at the wonderful possibilities ahead. New lands and cultures to explore. Evocative and breathtaking artwork. A rich history that transports me out from the mundane and provides me with a few precious moments of being immersed in an entirely different world. I can feel myself begin to care about a made up place and its people. Then I can take all of that to the table and bring my friends along with me. That's powerful.

Unity will be more than just a game. It will be a story book, an art book, and a game book. It will strive to be like the books that I happily lost my youth to -- and now some of the quieter parts of my adult life as well.          

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